Spring Hockey with Coach Conroy

Conroy Hockey and Coach Conroy will be running 2 Spring Teams this 2023 Spring Season.

     • 2010 Team
     • 2014 Team

The second most important component of your players hockey development is their Head Coach.  A good coach will develop your player better, it is that simple.  A good coach is critical to present and future success.

I am a VERY GOOD Head Coach and I will be the Head Coach on my Spring Teams.

Please read my Coaching philosophy here, it is important you do this!

I am a PROFESSIONAL Coach and do this for a living.  My reputation matters to me!  My teams work hard and love the game!

I have been coaching kids since 2005 already.  I come from a significant and elite hockey background.  I am a clear communicator, there will be a team meeting, practise rules and roles and responsibilities and all will be discussed and made clear.

I will only be running 2 Spring Teams.  I will NOT have a child of mine on the Team.  I am not a dad coached focused on my kid.  I AM focused on ALL players development.  I will run all practises and attend all games.

Players will play EQUALLY +/- 5% unless they get themselves benched.

I need teachable players who want to be better!  I will prepare your player for higher level hockey and coaching.  My expectations and team discipline are high and the kids like me a great deal.

Your money is not wasted on things that do not contribute to your players becoming better.  No cash calls, no fundraising, the focus is hockey.

Practices will be consistent in time and location. See the Schedule HERE

Call me to discuss: 587-888-1097.

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