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Hockey is a great sport, we love it. And we learn from it all of the time.At Conroy Hockey we strive to be practical and knowledgeable and so far we have created the following 3 articles for your benefit based on our knowledge.

Private Training I have now trained kids one on one for 4 years now and it is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. I have trained kids as young as 4 to address early hockey issues and the results are staggering and immediate.

Small Group TrainingWinter 20/21 saw a new program emerge; small group training.
Groups of 3 to 6 kids similarly aged done on outdoor ice. We only use a portion of the ice and can easily work with other people on the ice so there is no need to book the ice and no associated ice costs.

7 things you can do for FREE that will improve your GAME! Not all of us can afford to put our kids in every Camp (and you shouldn’t do that even if you can afford it). Here are some easy things you can do!

A Bad Dad!I will never ever forget the look on his face when he looked up at me. It was a look of confusion and genuine fear. He did not know what to do. That look stopped me cold.

Bad Skate Design: Please read this if your skater is 8 or less.!

Equipment for your Player: Where to spend and what matters!

So you think Referees are BAD???? Know the reason why you should never yell at a referee even if they make mistake!

Hockey Stick 101


The humble Tennis Ball

Another simple low cost impossible to avoid way to make your self a better hockey player is to get a simple tennis ball or 2, 1 for mom’s car and 1 for dad’s truck. When you are riding with them watch this video and do these exercises, you can thank me later.

Easy hand exercise