1. Kids love to come to practice, they love the energy, the pace, the teaching and my challenges.
  2. I am expert at what I do, “learning since 2006” and I love to teach. I am in charge; I lead and I usually have a practice plan in hand. 
    1. My practices change and evolve based on what I am seeing, it starts with a plan but can change in an instant.
      1. If the crew can not do what I intended we back up a step or two and teach, teach, teach.
    2. My practices are fast paced and there is a lot of hard work and sweat involved. Your Player will get better.
    3. Kids will START OVER when they do it wrong.
      1. We don’t just go through the motions.
    4. My practices are fast, crisp, loud and well organized.
    5. I have at least 100 different drills up my sleeve. I can improve every part of your player’s/team game.
    6. Private lessons get to the bottom of all weaknesses.
  3. I know kids and I know the game. I have a business degree and I am a creative problem solver. 
  4. The kids learn to trust me. I am a tough coach and I see value in that!  Kids appreciate my sincerity, passion and consistency.  I call a “spade a spade” (more so the older they get) and kids quickly learn about that they really like that and it works.
  5. I teach valid skills and tactics. Most of my drills are game applicable.  I don’t just teach I teach whyyyyyyyyyy.
    1. Skating, Skating was my strength and I was never a figure skater ever I promise. Every practice has a skating component.
    2. Shooting and Scoring, shooting is not scoring, both need to be taught and few coaches even can teach shooting.
    3. Passing, another under valued and under taught skill. A good passing team can be a better skating team.  Passing is huge!  Lots of push-ups on passing day.
    4. Stickhandling, seems kids practice this most but as you get older and older you stick handle less and less.
    5. I teach, encourage and reward aggression and intensity.  Every senior athlete in every sport is INTENSE and AGGRESSIVE.  Today most kids are soft as the world allows and seems to reward it.  I am against being soft.
    6. TOUGHNESS MATTERS. I teach, expect and reward toughness.
    7. Tactics, the older Players get the more we learn how to apply our skills to TACTICS.
      1. Forechecking.
      2. Backchecking.
  • Checking.
  1. Communication.
  2. Crossing the offensive blue line.
  3. Face offs.
  • 1 on 1’s.
  • 2 on 1’s.
  1. Breaking out!
  1. Manners, I teach and require good manners.
  2. I teach respect and thankfulness, I want kids to be thankful to their coaches, parents and all mentors!
  3. I teach that hard work is fun! Connecting results to efforts is huge!
  1. I care about the kids; I like listening to them and I want nothing but the best for them.
  2. I have high standards and the kids work hard to meet them.
    1. I am not tolerant of bad behavior and I correct it directly.
    2. I am TOUGH LOVE!
    3. I teach kids to stand up for themselves.
  3. I play with and battle the kids physically, I demo every drill, I lead, they follow.
    1. Kids love to battle Coach.
    2. Kids love a physical practice, 5 year old’s beg for the Battle drills.
    3. I have practice rules!!!!! For the + programs.  And they are followed ensuring very little wasted time and mature, organized kids.
    4. I follow practice routines allowing kids to be better prepared and more involved.
    5. I will always look out for your kid!
    6. I provide great value.
    7. Call me anytime to get clarity, discuss a problem, ask a question or just to say hi.
    8. Things go best when Parents understand and support my goals and ways!

And for those of you that choose Conroy Hockey thank you I will try my best!!!!!!