Conroy Hockey (CH) Player Commitment Letter

Every year as the Coach of your kids I learn and observe more from my diverse involvement with the game.  I am constantly trying to do my best and to improve my methods of Coaching for the kids that I train; this is something I take a great deal of pride in.

It is my opinion and my observations that the brain is the least developed part of most hockey players and it is the area that offers the greatest upside.  It is my goal to have your kids become more engaged and committed to their training process.  It begins with this Commitment Letter from the kids to CH.

I am asking that Parents of kids aged 10+ discuss this letter with them (if needed) and for the kids to download, complete and then deliver to me a copy of this letter for my records, it can be emailed or printed.

Download the Conroy Hockey (CH) Player Commitment Letter or fill up the form below and submit.

    As your Coach this season I expect that you will; listen carefully to the Coaches, work your hardest, focus on instructions provided and the “little things” and enjoy sweating and learning this summer.

    I, promise to listen, focus and work hard for my Coaches this CH Spr/Summer training season.



    If you have any message or additional comments for me please provide them here.