Power Skating

Yes, I teach Power Skating!

If you want to be a good hockey player you need to be a good skater. If you want to be a great hockey player you need to be a great skater. If you are small then you need to be even faster than the rest.

I was a small and great and powerful skater; it was my strength. When I played, I was typically the fastest and best skater on the ice, skating was my go-to power (hands of stone but fleet feet).

I teach kids to be great skaters. I ensure they cut their stick to help them to be a great skater. I teach the “Hockey Position”.

I wrote an article to help kids to bend their knees. I am a HOCKEY PLAYER that teaches POWER skating because being a powerful skater is EVERYTHING.

• I recommend and provide exercise programs to help their skating. Want to be faster? BUILD YOUR LEGS!!!!! Very simple.

• Every Player I teach becomes better at skating, every skills practice has a significant skating element. I teach kids how to skate with POWER.

• I spend more time on backwards skating than most do.

I teach POWER skating. To be a powerful skater one needs to be:

✓ Low, the lower you are the lower your center of gravity. The lower your center of gravity there more POWERFUL you are.       o Low gives us a powerful stride.
      o Low allows quick and short strides.
      o Low allows greater and faster change of direction (to go EAST/WEST).
      o Low allows you to POWER though defenders.
✓ Wide stance (but not too wide) EAST/WEST mobility is extremely important and we need our feet under us.
      o Wide allows quick and short strides, hockey is 90% stops starts and direction changes not big long strides.
      o Wide allows us to POWER through the defenders.
✓ Isolate your lower body, learn to skate with a stable heads and hands that are free to do their job.
✓ Skate with your head UP, looking anticipating, head on a swivel.
✓ I teach 1 hand on your stick for greater reach, greater speed, and greater turning.
✓ I teach fast balanced backwards skating. I focus a great deal of time on skating backwards.

Yes I teach POWER skating, every minute of every drill.

People come to me to fix their kids strides, to make them faster and more mobile and that is what happens.

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Coach Conroy