One on one training:

Players aged 4 to17

I have now trained kids one on one for 4 years now and it is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE. I have trained kids as young as 4 to address early hockey issues and the results are staggering and immediate.

In the young kids,12 week, measured improvements have been 200% and more.

Addressing an issue early helps them to develop quicker and more easily. Early accelerated development allows players to dominate early which them supports their self-esteem and confidence which then facilitates greater development it is a wonderful positive circle.

When I work with older kids say ages 10+ we are now focused on both basic skills and the nuances of the games, the 100+ small things that if realized and learned and deployed will make significant differences.

When I work with your Player I ONLY work with your Player (unless otherwise organized). When I go to watch them play, I only watch THEM!

I can talk to them about the game and even more important I can LISTEN to them and talk to them about the game.

This is personalized attention addressing the needs and abilities of your Player only.

The training can/usually starts with me watching them practice and play. I make notes and prepare a written report and then we meet to discuss my observations.

I use Video if available and I can create video if needed. Improving their practice “game” can be huge as they will already have 2 to 3 practices a week.

Once we discuss my observations and their thoughts then we book ice and work one on one or if it is of value a 2nd or 3rd player can be added.

We work on the problems that your player has and that they need to address.

I may suggest other things such as off ice workouts and activities such as watching games and videos.

We practice then I watch another game to monitor progress and to determine what weakness we shall address next. And the process repeats itself all season.

The cost:

Many Parents are choosing “Hockey Schools” where the player often leaves home and attends a school focused on hockey. These schools charge from $ 35,000 to $ 60,000 per year.

The player often is not at home and typically the focus shifts from SCHOOL TO HOCKEY with the player actually taking less classes. There are some plusses and minuses associated with these programs.

Often the focus of the coaches is on the top players (everyone wants to be associated with a winner) and the richest parents often exert allot of pressure for focus on their kids. This is truly PAY FOR PLAY.

Even at this cost the schools only have group training, 3 coaches (1 senior coach), 21 or more kids and coaches can have their own agenda. Things will be missed that affect your Player.

I offer private one on one training where 100% of my focus is on YOUR PLAYER only.

My recommended alternative:

Stay at home and live with your parents to play AA or AAA hockey as these are good programs. Perhaps HSL also offers programs similar to AA or AAA but these programs are “Pay to Play” and may not have the best kids on the team.

With your player being here at home then I can assist you to manage their personal development by:

  • Observe them playing or practicing (only them).
  • Provide my player specific guidance, insights, and recommendations to them based on my observations of their ACTIONS in writing.
    • We will measure their ongoing progress if possible.
  • Use video as a reference to prove my observations and to track progress.
  • Creating on ice and off ice drills and exercises that will address their shortcomings SPECIFICALLY.
  • Talk about their positive aspects and how that helps them.
  • Encouraging and supporting their personal growth for more than just an 8 month season. I am a safe, objective, professional 3rd party there for them!
  • Monitoring their ongoing progress and development continue to modify the program. We will work on 2 or 3 weaknesses at a time only.
  • I have no interaction with politics and team conflicts. I will provide the player and their family with honest and direct feedback as I only have 1 player to be concerned with.
  • Working and focusing 100% on your PLAYER only. I don’t care about the team or teammates I only care about making your player better.

My rate is $ 100.00 per hour (1 hour minimum) for the time spent working with your player. Travel maybe included is its more than 15 minutes.

    Here are my suggested costs:
  • My attendance at 8 local games or practices:
    $ 2,400.00
  • 12 hours of Video Review:
    $ 1,400.00
  • 1.5 hours per week x 30 weeks of private train.
    $ 4,500.00
  • 1.5 hours per week x 30 weeks of non-prime ice time
    $ 4,500.00
  • Total estimated cost:
    $ 12,800.00

Ice cost can be shared (as we will only use a fraction of the ice typically and this can reduce the cost considerably. The number of lessons can be reduced with costs being reduced proportionately.

If you choose to work with me, your player can: stay home and focus on school and family, you will receive training that only your player needs, you will see improvements, you will have a honest, expert opinion and you will save 10’s of thousands of dollars per season. This will translate into greater success.

Small Group training:

Players aged 4 to17

Winter 20/21 saw a new program emerge; small group training.

Groups of 3 to 6 kids similarly aged done on outdoor ice. We only use a portion of the ice and can easily work with other people on the ice so there is no need to book the ice and no associated ice costs.

The kids get allot of my focus as the group is small and many specific lessons can be delivered.

Outdoor ice is great as the roughness adds to core strength and skating skills.

The focus is on small ice drills and BATTLE drills something I am well known for and something that is KEY to sports success especially hockey. The kids LOVE battle drills.

Small groups are easy to create and to be managed by a Parent Leader and ice times are easy to find even in Prime Time.

  • The Parent Leader can also define what they wish for me to teach!
  • The Parent Leader simply finds a group of kids and we find a mutually beneficial time and I run the practices weather permitting.

My cost for small group training is $ 120.00/hour.