Thank you all for your feedback, I appreciate it, 20 responses representing about 25 kids.   We have 1 unhappy client so likely we have 4 unhappy clients, I cant please everyone but we do our best and I don’t intend to change much but we will grow and I will remain leading every class and every group until Ryan is as good as me.   I really loved the comments it tells me I am achieving what I want to achieve with your kids.   A couple of responses to comments.   “The asset coaches cant be as tough as me cause I am old and miserable and it takes years to perfect that 😉 and we have a tough cop nice cop thing going and you never want the same message from every mouth”.   My son Ryan is getting there though!   To many kids, I agree, in this group last year we had 12 and I lost money, this year kids every where, I am expanding and will add 1 – 2 more groups.   Here are the results expressed as percentages for each category:   Thank you for your feedback.   I removed everyone’s names and have not edited anything that was sent to me.   Please send me more!

Is your child enjoying Conroy Hockey? Do you see improvements in their skills? Are the skills that are being taught relevant to the game of hockey? Does Conroy Hockey provide good value for your dollar? Would you recommend Conroy Hockey to a friend? Would you want your child to play on a Spring Team if we offered that in 2019? Are there any specific comments that you would like to make for Coach?
93.0 % 80.5 % 100.0 % 94.0 % 95.0 % 9 yes/9 maybe/2 no
8 10 5 5 Yes Maybe
4 4 5 2 No No
10 8 5 4 Yes Yes I appreciate the playful but firm way the kids are being taught. My child is always smiling when he comes off the ice and that says it all.
10 10 5 5 Yes Yes Such an amazing program! You can tell coach loves he kids and they love him right back! Addison loves going to hockey and it has been such a positive experience for her introduction to hockey! I feel very lucky we found this program!
10 10 5 5 Yes Maybe
10 9 5 5 Yes Yes
10 7 5 5 Yes Yes I love staying to watch the practices. My guy is very new to hockey but has the drive to play and gives his all. He thinks you are a great coach, you relate well to the kids and you make it fun. Thank you!
10 6 5 4 Yes Maybe
6 6 5 4 Yes Yes I like that the practices all have a theme: passing, skating, shooting, challenging etc. I also like they split the kids up based on skill. The one negative is I think there are to many kids in the first group. All around we are pleased with the Hocke
10 8 5 5 Yes Maybe
10 10 5 5 Yes Yes It makes me laugh because I love the coaches style – very old school kind of or boot camp like – love that he pushes the kids over LOL or doesn’t coddle them in the slightest. You can see that the kids look up to him and are motivated to try their best.
10 8 5 5 Yes Maybe Too many younger kids in the 3rd grouping. Would have liked to have seen a stronger push on Jackson who is entering into atom and feel the amount of younger/less advanced kids appears to be a disadvantage.

Fabulous program and well worth the drive! Th

10 8 5 5 Yes Maybe
10 7 5 5 Yes Maybe My son said the following to me when I asked what he would say about Conroy Hockey, should someone ask:

“It’s fun! It’s awesome! He works us hard!”

Please feel free to use on website 🙂

10 5 5 Yes Yes
10 8 5 5 Yes Maybe Would like to see Assistant Coaches be as vocal as George is at each of the drills, players seem to push harder when George is present and more vocal.
10 10 5 5 Yes Maybe
8 7 5 5 Yes No Keep pushing them hard. Skating skill is key!
10 10 5 5 Yes Yes
10 5 5 5 Yes Yes Thanks!!
10 8 5 5 Yes Maybe Coach Conroy has the attention of those kids the whole time. They are all constantly skating and getting great hockey and overall fitness development.
By: web2-admin on Apr 02, 2024

Practice to Pro, W. “Ryan” Conroy

My son Ryan played his first professional hockey game last Friday March 28, 2024 for the Adirondack Thunder in Glenn Falls New York, ironically my younger brother also player for Adirondack but back then they were in a different league. Ryan is a powerful, intelligent, hard hitting, 5‘ 8 D man.  (the program says 5’ […]

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By: Donald Valdez on Oct 17, 2018

Jennifer Moore

We put Our son Daxton back into hockey for peewee, he unfortunately had to miss all of Atom due to illness. Daxton completed his first year of peewee last year but he wasn’t happy with his progress. So we put him in Coach Conroy’s spring and summer camp last year and what a difference. He […]

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By: Donald Valdez on Oct 17, 2018


Marcus has done great in his first season at Tyke and everyone thought he was a second year player even though it is his first year. We have told everyone on the team that he took your program and owe it all to you. He will be 7 in October so we understand that he […]

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By: Donald Valdez on Oct 17, 2018

Krystal Boycuk

My son attended Conroy Hockey’s Spring program and I cant say enough good things about it! George kept the kids busy at all times using all kinds of different skills and drills, you don’t see the coaches focusing on just 1 kid! at Conroy hockey they work with everyone!. George himself is also very good […]

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By: Donald Valdez on Oct 17, 2018

Joanne Kane

Coach Conroy was a master! My child worked harder in these sessions that he ever worked, he was a sweaty mess after each and every one. Thanks for all you do Coach, the children are better little people after your sessions! Your flexibility and understanding is stellar!

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