Programs, Clinics and more!  All that we teach:

CH offers a variety of programs, clinics, private training, small group training, team training, video nights , coach zoom calls & Player/Team evaluations.

In addition, I sometimes build custom programs to meet a team’s needs.  I am here to help. 

I am a big supporter of Coaches; I understand that many have their hands tied and are restricted in their ways and means. I know its hard and I am here to help all Coaches and Players.

Programs (multi week programs)

Spring & Summer (The + programs) These programs run from April to August.  The content and intensity of the programs vary with the age of the players but focus on the teaching of skills and tactics and how to succeed at hockey.   To learn more bout these practices please read this:

The programs are for boys and girls aged 4 to 17.  The + programs are 24 x 90-minute skates except for the youngest group.

Good listening skills and a good work ethic is required and is taught. 

We don’t skate on long weekends and we ramp up in August and the older groups end mid-August so they can attend tryouts.  Years of providing these programs has allowed me to tailor and to improve them.

These programs will improve your players hockey skills far more than a Spring Hockey program for a lower cost and you will have your weekends off.

These programs are composed of several elements:

  • Skills taught include: Skating/Shooting & Scoring/Passing/Stickhandling/Body Contact and INTENSITY.
  • 8 controlled scrimmages, every 5th practice is a controlled scrimmage where the Coach starts and stops play to teach. Circumstantial training is amazingly effective.  2 groups combine for scrimmages.
  • Goalies are welcome and pay a reduced fee but do not receive much training.
  • Cerebral content. The + programs have a booklet full of hockey knowledge.
  • Exercise Programs that are customized for their age.
  • 3 on and off ice tests to track and to reward improvements.
  • NEW for 2024.
    • Video Review, 2 nights of Video Review will be provided, 1 for D-men and 1 for Forwards.
    • Nutrition Presentation
    • Martial Arts Presentation.

The cost of all programs are found on our Sign up Sheet.  The cost will vary depending on the # of kids attending.  Programs include:

  • U7/U9 (& beginners), ages 4 to 8, 24 skates of 75 minutes. Welcome to longer and harder practices, there won’t be a teddy bear in sight and they learn a great deal. Welcome to battle and learning that practice is FUN! 
  • U 11 + (Atom) 24 skates of 90 minutes, preseason meeting, 40-page booklet and support documents. Welcome to full ice, learning about off sides, icings, positional play, battling, toughness and more.  Tactics will be introduced and player abilities will skyrocket. 
    • The focus is 75% skill development 25% tactics and a thorough introduction to full ice play.
    • Register here: See Schedule here!
  • U 13+ (Pee Wee) 24 skates of 90 minutes, preseason meeting, exercise program, 40-page booklet and support documents. Welcome to a high end, organized, fast paced practice.  Welcome to tactics, welcome to learning how to be a superior hockey player.
    • Focus is 65% skill development 35% tactics and toughness.
    • Register here: See Schedule here!
  • U 15+ U 18 (Bantam/Midget) 24 skates, of 90 minutes, preseason meeting, exercise program, 40-page booklet and support documents. This is my favorite group to teach as the kids are focused, discipline and ready!
    • Focus is 50% skill development 50% tactics and toughness. This includes extra classes to learn Checking (typically a separate course.  Body is a part of every practice.
    • Register here: See Schedule here!


  • Note 1: Players may be shifted to programs with lower #s of students for everyone’s benefit based on testing.
  • Note 2: Players can choose to attend a different group IF the timing does not work.
  • Note 3: If you miss your class you can attend up to 4 classes in a different program.
  • Note 4: Controlled scrimmages will include 2 groups and teams will be mixed up. Scrimmages are intense and expected to be game like.

Testing: We track and test the players; we want to see improvements and gains.  We want your kids to learn to deal with pressure and to get better and we measure that.  There is on ice and off ice testing.


CLINICS (1 week or less programs)

Clinics:  Clinics are typically offered in the summer time or by request or a group or team can request one.  They are typically 3 days of training spread over 5 days. 

If you want to attend a clinic then sign up early as they can be cancelled.  If any program is cancelled then full refunds are provided.  There are student minimums of 8 and maximums of 16.  For D clinics I often bring out Forwards who pay a small fee to make the drills better.

Clinics are comprised of: Class room time, off ice and on ice training.

The following are our clinics:

Defence Clinics.  Defence is completely underserved in the Minor Hockey Community.  Taking these clinics will quickly add skills to your D-man.

Players aged 9 to 17 are welcome, the Players will be partnered with a player of their calibre.  There is a handout for each clinic.  Before taking Clinic, B or C players should take Clinic A.  There is no charge for a goalie that wishes to attend.  There is value for the Goalies.

Each clinic will have the following 6 hour over 2 days, typically Tuesday & Thursday.

  • Day 1: 1.25 hours off ice in the gym and classroom, 1.25 hours on ice.
  • Day 2: 2 x 1.5 hours of on ice then 0.5 hours for review after the clinic.


  • Defence Clinic A: This clinic teaches defence basics such as, body, head and hands positioning, inside/outside, strong/weak d, 1 on 1, angling, 2 on 1 and basic backwards skating and passing skills.
  • Defence Clinic B: This clinic teaches defence in the defensive zone.  Breakouts, net battles, d to d passes and basic skating and passing skills.
  • Defence Clinic C: This clinic teaches Defence in the offensive zone.  Pinching, blue line puck options, shooting & scoring and basic skating and passing skills.


Checking Clinic:  This is my favorite clinic to teach as it accomplishes so much in just 9 hours.  I enjoy empowering players and I have created enormous changes in just 9 hours, the fear is gone and the confidence is installed and yep most are sore.

Players aged 10 and up are welcome.  This is a 9-hour course spread over 3 days in a 5-day week.  The clinic is very physical (checking is the most physical part of the game) and thorough and kids will receive and deliver over 300 checks during the clinic. 

If you want to attend a clinic then sign up early as they can be cancelled.  If any program is cancelled then full refunds are provided.

Players should be fit to excel at this clinic.  There is 1 clinic in July and 1 in August.  This clinic also has a handout.

The Clinic teaches how to be hit, checking skills, avoiding penalties, reducing fear and embeds confidence into your player.  Checking is a huge skill and has a significant downside (injuries).  This is a significant clinic and the kids are ready for anything when I am done. 

Both very big and very small kids benefit from this program.  The focus is on protecting oneself and checking effectively and of course toughness matters.

Each clinic will have the following format:

  • Day 1 1.5 hours off ice in the gym and classroom, 1.5 hours on ice.
  • Day 2: 1.5 hours off ice in the gym and classroom, 1.5 hours on ice.
  • Day 3: 1.5 hours off ice in the gym and classroom, 1.5 hours on ice.


Coach Training.  Being a Head Coach is a challenging and tough job especially for amateur volunteers.  Coach can coach the coaches into being more successful. 

This course helps every Coach which in turn helps the Players which is the goal of us all.

Coach/Group Zoom Calls.  A nice use of a simple technology, The Coaches and I get together on a Zoom call and share a recent game.  I work with the Coaches to point our things the team needs to improve.

This is the least expensive way for a group to meet and learn.  Video is a powerful tool.

Face Off Clinic.  Our first Clinic was a complete success and the feedback I received was amazing.  There will be 2 clinics this summer and they will both be longer than the initial Clinic.

The clinics focus on the role of the center ice man.  The clinic is 2 hours of off ice and 2 hours of on ice training.  There is a 9-page handout and all aspects of winning the face off properly will be covered.

Clinic 1:  Ages 9 -11

Clinic 2:   Ages 12+

Player Assessment.  If you would like an honest, no BS assessment of your Player then Coach can conduct a Player Assessment.

Coach will watch a game without the players knowledge then a 6 – 10-page report is created.  Afterwards a meeting with the Player is held and a go forward plan to correct deficiencies will be created.

Private Training (1 – 2 players) Teaching players 1 on 1 allows a Coach to focus on just 1 Player and then to improve or correct weaknesses.  I do hundreds of privates a year. 

A private lesson provides the greatest training possible and I have received many compliments after a single session and the Players love it.

A private is a different environment, a quiet and focused environment with 100% of the focus on just your player.

It may be just 1 session to work on a specific problem or a continuous training regime combined with the Coach watching the player play to determine what needs to be worked on.

The ideal private is for 2 players of equal calibre so one can work while the other watches and learns.

A private lesson can teach anything the Player wishes to improve on.  Often, I am training all the kids from a family.

Small Group Training 4 – 6 players.  Often this group is the D-men from a Team or a wide variety of kids just looking for more training.

A group allows for some different drill types but there is less focus.

The training provided depends on the make up of the group.

Team Training Aa a Professional Coach I can be engaged to supplement the needs of a Team.  My perspective and counsel is unfettered by Parents and social pressures.  I simply prescribe what is needed and deliver it.  Almost every need can be addressed.

Advance notice and identification of a problem is needed or Coach can come out and watch the team to identify priorities.

Video Training.  Coaches talk and teach, parents talk and teach, but video tells no lies.  Video is an objective, black and white, purveyor of the truth and it can be saved and rewound.  Systems such as Live Barn provides a great opportunity for all teams to learn.

Video is now an integral part of the NHL and CHL with tablets being a part of every team now. Video provides and excellent training medium and the use of Video costs much less than an on-ice practice.  A Video Night can be the center of a fun, educational team building event. 

Video should be provided to players aged 9 and up.  Video can train kids on positioning, anticipation and subtle things that are hard to educate in on ice drills.  We all know the story about how Gretzky watched games with his dad.  Watching is a great way to learn.

I have developed a “score card” that allows for additional Video nights where scores can be tracked and improvements measured.  Providing tangible measurable results is a great thing.

I can recommend that the group be divided into Goalies/D-men and Forwards in order to focus on a smaller part of the game.  I try not to teach to much in a Video review 3 topics are enough.


If you have another idea, please talk to me and perhaps we can make it work.  I add a new product or two every year and I always provide value.


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