Conroy Hockey 2010 Spring Team

I am putting together a competitive 2010 Spring Team for high-end tournament participation. This will be aggressive, FULL HIT, fast-paced hockey and I am looking for players committed to improving as hockey players and to winning.

I am a professional Coach with no player on the team. I have been training kids for 17 years to date and care about my reputation. I am a DEVELOPMENT Coach and your Players will improve.

I am a learned, expert Coach and leader with a disciplined no-nonsense approach to training and playing. I am ideally looking for families that know me and know how I roll. I will not be wasting my talents energy and patience with problem parents. I am clear and blunt so please feel free to call and talk to me regarding your player.

There won’t be any refunds if your feelings are hurt. I will deliver exactly what I put forth here. To read about my coaching philosophy please link here:

Here is the expected schedule:

We may have some ID skates but I am looking for referred players from people that know me and my expectations. Players should be A or AA calibre or chosen by me. I LOVE a good attitude!

Looking for 2010 born players:
     • 17 Skaters, 10 F and 7 D
     • and 2 Goalies. The best players will make the Team I will be employing a 3rd party to choose the team if ID skates are needed.

We will play and practice (practice rules) an intelligent, high paced and aggressive brand of hockey.

We will NOT waste money on equipment or fancy sweaters, suits, bags and all the other things you do not need. Your funds go to team expenses and paying me to coach the team.

Stupid and disrespectful play will not be tolerated at all. Hockey is the greatest game in the world and deserves our respect.
     • All players must also participate in one of my plus programs (PeeWee + or Bantam +) where will practice our skills. This is a separate program from April to August with a separate expense.
     • There will be 12 x 90-minute practices (1 per week) focused on Positioning and Systems.
           o There will be a 4 hr Checking Clinic in March included.
           o Practices will be 80% tactics and 20% skill development
           o Practises will be in Calgary on Friday Evenings see Master Schedule.
           o We will engage a goalie coach for 2 practices.
     • There will be 5/6 Exhibition/tune-up games.D
     • We will enter 3 tournaments.
           o Tournaments have not yet been selected they will be local tournaments in Calgary or Edmonton.
           o I have budgeted $ 7,500 from Team funds to enter these tournaments.
     • Focus is on game play development. Players will all play roughly the same time.
     • All will play the Power Play and Penalty Kill. I am a DEVELOPMENT COACH.
           o It is my intention to keep this group of kids together for several years.
     • The Manager and 2 Asst Coach positions will pay 50% fees.
           o Asst Coaches need to attend all 12 practises and all games.
     • Home and Away sweaters (only) will be provided. No socks.
           o No names on jerseys no special #’s etc. First pay can pick the # from 1 – 20 and 30 for the other tender.
               • The jerseys belong to Conroy Hockey.
               • Sweaters and crap don’t make you better, hard work and commitment do.
               • We are focused on excellent positional play and great hockey, NOT how we look.
               • T-shirts and Hats will also be provided (only so you can remember me 😉

The total cost for the foregoing is $ 1,700.00 plus GST.

     • If you want to try out there will be a $ 200.00 deposit plus GST.
     • To try out please register here and put Spring 2010 Team on the form.
     • ID skates will be $ 25.00 plus GST.
     • IF you are cut then the Deposit minus ID fees will be returned.
     • IF you are selected and do NOT play your Deposit is forfeit!

A deposit is needed to try out I don’t want to waste my time with a bunch of “tire kickers”.

Once you make the team the remaining fees are due in 24 hours.

No expected cash calls unless we decide to do more than outlined here.

No expected fundraising UNLESS the Parents choose to have additional activities not listed above.

I want this to be as simple as possible our plans and agenda are clear.

Thank you.

Coach Conroy. 587-888-1097