Passing aye carumba!

I have created a 2 hour desperately needed passing clinic to train your players to learn to pass more effectively.

Of all the skills I teach this is the one that the players are the worst at and ironically it is the easiest skill to master but I have heard it is “boring to teach”.

Players aged 5 and older can benefit from this clinic.

Simply put there are a few basic skills needed to master the forehand and backhand pass and the catching of a pass on your forehand and backhand.

This clinic can be taught to large group but at least 4 other coaches are needed.

Any player can learn to pass effectively; no athleticism or advanced capabilities are needed and almost every goal scored is connected to a good pass or a bad pass.

A proper pass is needed over 150 times or more in an average hockey game and the best way to reduce turnovers is to simply learn to pass and catch a pass properly.

This course has 1 hour of off ice and 1 hour of on ice skills training.

The skills listed below are in order of importance.

  1. What to do PRIOR to passing.
    1. Puck and Stick position
  2. Proper passing technique forward and backwards.
  3. Catching a pass.
  4. Depending upon the age:
    1. Saucer pass.
    2. Flip pass.
    3. Boards pass.
    4. Receiving a pass in hit hockey.
      1. Head and Shoulders position.

There will be:

  1. 1 hour off ice sessions inside of a Gym focused on these skills.
    1. For the off-ice session players will require:
      1. Gloves and sticks.
      2. Water
      3. Gym strip.
  2. 1 hour on ice sessions putting into practice what we have learned in the Gym for a total of 2 hours of training.

Please let me know if your organization is interested in this clinic.

Coach Conroy