2023 Conroy Hockey Programs

2023 programs.  I welcome kids of all skill levels, I do require listening and your best efforts on the ice.

My new Pee Wee + program was highly successful and will be expanded this year into 3 groups: Atom +, PeeWee +, Bant/Mid +.

For all groups and clinics goalies pay 20% of the course costs.

Almost all of my ice, I am happy to say will be at the East Calgary Twin Arena and NESS except the privates.  See the Master Schedule here.
For the 2023 Season I will have:

Private lessons:  The demand for these has grown dramatically, I already have 6 hours a week committed for next winter.  There is no better way to improve your skills and this.  Let’s discuss your goals.

Player Assessments:  If you would like a factual review of your player please give me a call and I will create one for you!

NEW 2010 Spring Hockey Team program:  This year I will be offering a 2010 Spring Team program which includes a Checking Clinic.  Full details and cost are here:

     • Read my Coaching Philosophy here:


NEW 2014 SPRING Hockey Team program.  This year I will be offering a 2014 Spring Team.  Full details and cost are here:

2 Spring Summer Programs:  Year 17 of this program. 18 x 75-minute Sunday practises, skills and sweat with the odd Gatorade!  This is a spring and summer long program with proven results. Skating/Shooting & Scoring/Passing/Stickhandling and Game Day!

     • Group 1 ages 3 – 6 Cost $ 645.00 + GST
     • Group 2 ages 7 – 9 Cost $ 645.00 + GST
Sweater is provided.


NEW 3 PLUS programs:  This is an excellent, focused program are for kids that are ready to get better and that are willing to go the extra miles needed to play on the top teams. It is a full and well rounded program.

     • 20 x 90-minute skates,
     • 3 sets of tests,
     • Exercise training,
     • Checking Training for PeeWee and Bantam/Midget programs.

The Pee Wee + and Bantam/Midget+ will include 3 hours of Off Ice checking Training in addition to everything else.

The cost will range from $ 950.00 to 1200.00 for Atom and Peewee, $ 1050 to 1350 for Bantam depending on enrollment #s.  Sign up fast as these will sell out.

     • Atom + ages 9 & 10
     • Pee Wee + ages 11 & 12</br/>      • Bantam /Midget+ ages 13+
Sweater and compression shirt are provided.


Adult noon hour training 2022 & 2023: 8-week program.  I will try to create several 8-week cycles for adult players.  8 weeks of fitness and skill development.  Players will see immediate results both in fitness and hockey abilities.

2023 Checking Clinic (3): There will be 3, 9 hours high intensity checking clinics. Minimum 8 skaters needed max 14:

     • March        $ 320.00 + GST  For Spring Players (Non CH players)
     • July $ 240.00 + GST
     • August $ 240.00 + GST

2023 Defence Clinic (2):
There will be 2, 9 hour Defence Clinics.

     • Level 1 kids aged 8 – 11        $ 250.00 + GST
     • Level 2 kids aged 10 – 15 $ 250.00 + GST

Demand for private lessons and our programs are growing I provide a positive, confidence building, tough love approach to all I do and I lead every group.  You are paying for my expertise and leadership.

Contact me any time to talk hockey.

Coach Conroy