Spr/Summer/Xmas & Private Training

At Conroy Hockey we teach skills, hard work and manners.   Ask a Parent whose child we trained to see if we deliver.   Yes we are not everyone’s “cup of tea” and that fine our standards and expectations are high.  I see enough weakness and failure, let’s succeed together!

We strive to improve them in many ways and yes we are a little tough on them.   My stick may find your child’s padded butt and if that offends you keep looking, I know tough LOVE works.  The better we know your kid the more we can impact them so I encourage them to return.

If you want your Player to be better find a program like ours that pushes and supports and that can actually TEACH your Player, that is our focus.

It is a clear and proven fact that the sooner the kids get high end skills training (we teach 3 years olds every spring/summer) the better they will become at the game of hockey and we have started with many kids that can barely even walk on skates.

If a Player dominates at age 5 or 6 and if we keep teaching them I can tell you they will still be dominating at 11 and 12.   I have trained and helped to make several highly skilled and powerful hockey players.

I want kids that want to be there on the ice and they will when we (Coach and Parents) work together.

Conroy Hockey Training WORKS!!!!

Each year is a little different as we improve and evolve each year.   We are offering the following courses in 2020:

  • Spring/Summer Training.  These start in April and go to August.
  • August/September 1 week Camps.
  • Checking Clinic.   This will be offered in August.
  • Defense Clinic.   This will be offered in August.
  • Face Off Clinic.
  • Christmas Camps.  We will be returning to Carstairs in Dec 2020.
  • Private lessons.
    1. One on One; I am training more and more young kids with dramatic improvements.   I recommend this if you can make it work.
    2. Team; If you wish for more training on a single aspect please engage me.
    3. Complete Organizations: Need Help and focus I treat your Minor Hockey Organization like a business and we can make positive changes.
  • Player Assessment.   Sometimes “dad’s” words just are not enough.   Let me give you and your player an honest opinion.  I will observe then provide a written report to keep then meet to explain the strengths and weakness of your player.

Spring Summer 2020

We began this program 14 years ago simply because I wanted my oldest son to become a better player and it grew from there.

It gets better every year and each year more of our grads are playing Junior Hockey and soon professional hockey.

We teach SKILLS with a focus on learning those skills.   Each year there are some new components.

Results Tracking.   We introduced this last year with good results and some lessons learned.   The kids will be tested before and after our season in 4 skills and a report card will be issued.  Download the Report Card HERE.  Complete it and email it to me.

Group 1 Skating Day.   Another lesson learned in 2019, I had the Group 1 kids repeat “skating day” for the first 3 practices in order to progress and to lean faster and it was clearly a good choice.   The skating improvements were noticeable which allowed them to better develop their other skills in our 5 skill rotation faster.

NEW 2 Off-ice Training Sessions.   This year we will offer 2 off ice training sessions in Calgary at Confederation Park.   I encourage both Kids and Parents to attend and we will learn some simple, 0 cost exercises that will make an impact.  After working out we will engage in some cardio.   Want to be better?   BE STRONGER!

NEW Group1 Blue Pucks.   As I continuously learn to train kids better and better I have deduced that the youngest group of kids will learn their puck skills faster and better using a lighter puck.   This is because shooting and stickhandling are more about technique than power.   Better technique will be learned faster using a lighter puck.   We want to develop fast “silky smooth” hands in our players.

Spring/summer camp is 17 Skills Sessions and 1 Game Day with 2 testing skates added for a total of 20 skates from April to August.   Practice times are 1.25 hours but the kids ALWAYS get more time.

There are no skates in July so please plan your summer holidays accordingly.

We practice 1 time a week except for long weekends in April, May and June then in August we ramp up to 2 skates a week for minor hockey to begin.

We rotate each week between our 5 skill sets (Skating, Scoring & Shooting, Passing, Stickhandling and Intensity) in that order.

We use allot of props to help the kids learn they are large and emulate a player which helps.

We practice 90% of the time they are upbeat, sweaty, fast moving, disciplined practices and the kids learn and love it!

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Class Groupings:

Each year we have 3 or 4 groups depending upon the makeup of the kids.   Each class is segregated into 3 groups and we try to group like skilled players together and this allows us to use the whole ice surface.

GOALIES: I welcome Goalies and we only charge them 50% of the class fees.   I recommend that your Goalies obtain other training also, but they will receive hundreds of shots and some guidance from the coaches.

My training of Goalies is limited to position, puck handling and EFFORT so it is indeed money well spent.

PLEASE NOTE: The intensity and level of discipline increase with the age of the students.   Players that don’t listen or work hard will be addressed and possibly even asked to drop out if we cannot get their attention.   We do our best to create a positive, sweaty, competitive and hard working environment and YES we keep score, every child does.

The practices are full of energy and extremely positive but please be advised Coach has no problems addressing discipline problems, if this offends you we are not for you!

Coach may suggest to move your child into a different group for their or your benefit.  We are flexible and are focused on what is best for the kids.

Our Groups:

The following is the design of our groups.  The #’s represent years of Hockey played.   We can move groups when warranted.

0 – 1 years of hockey: $ 640.00 + GST Ages 3 – 8/32 skaters max.  This class will be 1.25 hours long.

Your child needs to be able to stand on their own 2 feet on skates and have a desire to learn the game.  We will teach them the skills of the game.   This class is limited to 32 kids.

2 – 4 years of hockey.  $ 640.00 + GST Ages 6 – 9/32 skaters max.   This class will be 1.25 hours long.   This class will be for kids that have completed 2 – 4 years of hockey.   This class is limited to 32 kids.

5 – 7 years of hockey.   $ 640.00 + GST Age’s 10 – 12/32 skaters max.   This class will be 1.25 hours long.   This class will be for kids that have completed 2 – 4 years of hockey.   This class is limited to 32 kids.

8+ years of hockey.   $ 700.00 + GST Age 12 + (limit of 20 skaters).   This class is 1.25 hours long and there is only 1 Coach, Coach Conroy.   Drills are advanced, intensity is high, and passion is everywhere.   This class is limited to 20 kids!

Spring/Summer Class Design

Our Spring/Summer classes are similar in design and structure and this reduces confusion and helps kids to learn faster and to be ready to learn each day.

We start as a group with skating and relevant skill exercise.   Trust me in the beginning there is still some confusion but it gets better each day.

Then we break into 3 tiered groups for 3 stations and we cycle through each station 2 times.  Water breaks are included.   Sometimes we end with another group drill.   The kids are lead, taught, pushed, encouraged, supported and rewarded verbally.

We don’t waste time with the chalkboards, we simply DO DO DO!!! WE repeat the drills to reinforce learning.

Watch one of our practices and compare it to your past season, the kids are constantly moving and practicing.

We do not “play” much we spend 90% of the time learning skills but ask any kid they are too busy learning and sweating to notice.

In the beginning of the year it is a little confusing but they learn fast.  The pace is fast, the expectations are high.

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Christmas Clinics                      To be determined

In December 2019 we held a 5 day mini skills clinic in Carstairs Alberta and engaged over 60 kids 50 of whom were new to the Conroy Hockey ways and means.

It went very, very well and we will be back next year and also in late August in Carstairs.

Private Lessons, Personal and Team                      By Quote

One on One Training: At first I did not appreciate the value one on one training provided until I measured the results that were delivered to the Player.

I am now a believer in it extreme value.   One on One training eliminates bad habits BEFORE there are developed, gets the Players going in the proper direction and allows the Coach to see every intimate detail and to deliver extreme results.

Improvements are dramatic!

Player Assessment                  By Quote

Would you like an honest informed assessment of your child?   Want a non Dad opinion that your child will respect?

Invite me to a game and I attend and observe then create a written report of your child’s play and my recommendations.

Then we will review and explain and educate your player on my observations and recommendations.


Join us, support us and you will appreciate the results!!!!!!

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