Small Group training:

Players aged 4 to17

Winter 20/21 saw a new program emerge; small group training.

Groups of 3 to 6 kids similarly aged done on outdoor ice. We only use a portion of the ice and can easily work with other people on the ice so there is no need to book the ice and no associated ice costs.

The kids get allot of my focus as the group is small and many specific lessons can be delivered.

Outdoor ice is great as the roughness adds to core strength and skating skills.

The focus is on small ice drills and BATTLE drills something I am well known for and something that is KEY to sports success especially hockey. The kids LOVE battle drills.

Small groups are easy to create and to be managed by a Parent Leader and ice times are easy to find even in Prime Time.

  • The Parent Leader can also define what they wish for me to teach!
  • The Parent Leader simply finds a group of kids and we find a mutually beneficial time and I run the practices weather permitting.

My cost for small group training is $ 120.00/hour.