Spr/Summer/Xmas & Private Training

Ask a Parent whose child we trained.  We strive to improve them in many ways and yes we are a little tough on them.
The better we know your kid the more we can impact them.

Each year is a little different but basically we offering the following courses in 2019:

  • Spring/Summer Training. These start in April and go to August.
  • Checking Clinic. This will be offered in July.
  • Defense Clinic. This will be offered in July.
  • Christmas Day Camps. Dec 22, 2018 & Jan 2, 2019
  • Private lessons. I can be hired to teach teams, groups and individuals.
  • Player Assessment. I will attend to 2 games and observe and provide a written report on the strengths and weakness of your player.

NEW 2 Skills (Bonus) Ice Times  This year there will be 4 additional ice times this season to perform skills testing on the kids.  The first 64 kids to pay are eligible to attend.  At these ice times we will test all 64 kids in 4 timed drills then we will scrimmage.  These 2 skates will be before the first skate and after the last skate of Conroy Hockey then we will show the improvement and issue a Conroy Hockey Report Cards to all kids that attend.

NEW Conroy Hockey Report Cards  Please come early to the first 2 skates this year.  Coach will be handing out Conroy Hockey Report Cards to all of the kids.  Please complete them and hand them back to one of us.  At the end of the season the kids will receive their Report Cards back.  Those that participate in the Skills will have their times included in the report cards.

NEW 2 Off-ice Training Sessions  This year we will offer 2 off ice training sessions.  Kids and Parents are free to attend these sessions where we will show kids and Parents some simple and low cost exercises to be done with the Family.

We will book 2 Saturday morning in the Spring we encourage Parents to participate.  Stronger fit kids start with stronger fit Parents.  Stronger kids are better athletes and better students.

Spring/Summer Camps. April to Aug.

Camp is typically 19 sessions a year from April to August.  Practice time is either 1.25 hours but the kids ALWAYS get more time.

We practice 1 time a week except in August we ramp up for minor hockey to begin.

We rotate each week between our 5 skill sets (Skating, Scoring & Shooting, Passing, Stickhandling and Intensity) in that order and we have a fun scrimmage day at the end of school in June

We use props to help the kids learn they are large and emulate a player which helps.

We practice 90% of the time they are upbeat, sweaty, fast moving practices and the kids learn and love it!

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Class Groupings:

Each class is segregated into 3 groups and we try to group like skilled players together.

PLEASE NOTE:  The intensity and level of discipline increase with the age of the students.  Players that don’t listen or work hard will be addressed and possibly even asked to drop out if we cannot get their attention.  We do our best to create a positive, sweaty, competitive and hard working environment and YES we keep score, every child does.

The practices are full of energy and extremely positive but please be advised Coach has no problems addressing discipline problems, if this offends you, we are not for you!

Coach may suggest to move your child into a different group for their or your benefit.  We are flexible.

Our Groups:

The following is the design of our groups.  The #’s represent years of Hockey played.  We can move groups when warranted.

0 – 1 years of hockey:  $ 599.00 + GST  Ages 3 – 8/32 skaters max  This class will be one hour long.  Your child needs to be able to stand on their own 2 feet on skates and have a desire to learn the game.  We will teach them the skills of the game.  This class is limited to 30 kids.

2 – 4 years of hockey.  $ 599.00 + GST   Ages 6 – 9/32 skaters max  This class will be 1.25 hours long.  This class will be for kids that have completed 2 – 4 years of hockey.  This class is limited to 30 kids.

5 – 7 years of hockey.  $ 599.00 + GST Age’s 10 – 12/32 skaters max  This class will be 1.25 hours long.  This class will be for kids that have completed 2 – 4 years of hockey.  This class is limited to 30 kids.

8+ years of hockey.  $ 650.00 + GST  Age 12 + (limit of 20 skaters) This class is 1.25 hours long and there is only 1 Coach, Coach Conroy.  Drills are advanced, intensity is high, and passion is everywhere.  This class is limited to 20 kids!

Spring/Summer Class Design

Our Spring/Summer classes are similar in design and structure and this reduces confusion and helps kids to learn faster and to be ready to learn each day.

We start as a group with skating and relevant skill exercise.  Trust me in the beginning there is still some confusion but it gets better each day.

Then we break into 3 tiered groups for 3 stations and we cycle through each station 2 times.  Water breaks are included.  Sometimes we end with another group drill.  The kids are lead, taught, pushed, encouraged, supported and rewarded verbally.

We don’t waste time with the chalkboards, we simply DO DO DO!!!  WE repeat the drills to reinforce learning.

Watch one of our practices and compare it to your past season, the kids are constantly moving and practicing.

We do not “play” much we spend 90% of the time learning skills but ask any kid they are too busy learning and sweating to notice.

In the beginning of the year it is a little confusing but they learn fast.  The pace is fast, the expectations are high.

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Private Lessons                      By Quote

I am glad to provide personal instruction to kids, families, bday parties and teams.

Tell me what you want to work on and I will create a lesson plan and teach!

I am teaching one 4 year old now.  We timed 2 skills and in 4 lessons he improved 24.5%.

Player Assessment                  By Quote

Would you like an honest informed assessment of your child?  I will attend 1 or 2 games and provide you with a written assessment of my observations and my suggestions.
I recommend this for kids aged 10+.

Join us, support us and you will appreciate the results!!!!!!

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