I have created a 3 hour introduction to Fore-checking and I want to invite kids and coaches to participate.

Players aged 7 and older can benefit from this program.

If you only teach your team one single tactic this winter it should be an active, learned and aggressive fore-check. All 5 players have a role in a great fore-check and all players can learn it in steps.

A well trained fore-check will produce turn-overs, frustrations, mistakes all which will lead to scoring opportunities. If a Minor Hockey Organization can adopt a consistent and aggressive fore-checking system throughout their levels then they will be very successful and the players will get better and better at this every year.

I break the course down to step by step fore-check progressions, starting with a single player and adding more and more players.

There will be:

  1. 1 90 minute off ice session in a Gym.
    1. For the off-ice session players will require:
      1. Helmets.
      2. Gloves and sticks.
      3. Shoulder and elbow pads.
      4. Water
      5. Gym strip.
  2. 1 90 minute on ice session reinforcing what we covered in the Gym.

Please let me know if your organization is interested in this clinic.

Coach Conroy