Defense Clinic

Professional coaches believe that defence wins championships and I agree.

But on the vast majority of minor hockey teams Defense is not well taught and even backwards skating is barely taught????

I LOVE teaching Defense.  I love teaching physical, in your face, “I dare you to cross my blueline” Defense.  The majority of kids that I train privately are defensemen and their advances are significant.

A good D-man is a rare find, gets more ice time and scores higher in evaluations!!!!  I don’t know why more people don’t encourage their players to be D men.  Both my sons are D men.

I am changing my D clinics to provide more specific and more direct Defensive training.  Please review the outlines below and choose the clinic or clinics your player needs most.  I will teach less things better!!  This allows for greater retention.  The clinics are focused on typical defensive weaknesses.

I have now created 3 clinics from the past 2.  The clinics are shorter and more precise allowing clients to choose a clinic that addresses their needs and I reduced the cost of the clinics.

Each of the three clinics will spend time on:

  • backwards skating and mobility,
  • handling the puck while going backwards,
  • proper passes and
  • BE CLOSE! My #1 rule for Defence:  Sadly, this is the opposite of what seems to be taught.

Each clinic will have an overview handout sent to the clients before hand to allow them to prepare.

Each clinic shall be 6.0 hours long.  1.75 hours or off ice and 4.25 hours of on ice.

Up to 6 forwards can participate as forwards in the clinics for $ 30.00.  It is educational and they will help me and learn for a small fee.

Each clinic shall have 3 primary objectives and each clinic is open to kids aged 9 and up.

Each clinic will have the following format:

Day 1: 1.25 hours off ice, 1.25 hours on ice.

Day 2: 1.5 hours of on ice.

Day 3: 1.5 hours of on ice, 0.5 hours off ice for review after the clinic.

Each clinic will be offered 1 time during the summer months then again at Christmas time.


  1. CLINIC A, Basics.
  • Defensive body positioning gap, communication & angles.
  • 1 on 1’s
  • 2 on 1’s.

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  1. CLINIC B, Defensive Zone
  • Net battles
  • Breaking out
  • First to the Puck, safely.

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  1. CLINIC C, Offensive Zone
  • 7 options on the offensive Blue Line (aka missing shin pads).
    • Pinching (# 8)
  • 3 on 2’s
  • Shooting.

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Off-ice preparation:

  1. For the off-ice sessions, the kids will need gym strip, runners, helmets, gloves, elbow and shoulder pads.
  2. Water and a snack.


Custom clinics, private training and small group training can also be created.

Please feel free to call me to discuss your players needs.


W. George “Coach” Conroy.