2023 Programs

2022 is still ongoing but I have basically booked my 2023 programs.
My new Pee Wee + program was highly successful and will be expanded this year into 3 groups.
I am doing 4 – 8 privates a week and expanding my summer camps.
Almost all of my ice I am happy to say will be at the East Calgary Twin Arena with exceptions of some of the privates.
For the 2023 Season I will have: Private lessons: The demand for these has grown dramatically, I already have 6 hours a week committed for next winter. There is no better way to improve your skills and this. Lets discuss your goals.

3 Spring Summer Programs: Year 17 of this program. 19 x 75-minute Sunday practises, skills and sweat with the odd Gatorade! This is a Spring and summer long program with proven results.

• Group 1 ages 3 – 6
• Group 2 ages 7 – 9
• Group 3 ages 10 – 12

3 PLUS programs: These programs are for kids that are more focused on hockey and that are willing to go a few extra miles. 20 x 90-minute skates, 3 sets of Tests and extra activities expected.

• Atom + ages 9 & 10
• Pee Wee + ages 11 & 12
• Bantam /Midget+ ages 13+

Christmas Holidays Camps 2022: This year I will break the camps down into 2 x 90 min practise segments. Client can choose to attend 1, 2, 3 or 4 of these segments during the Xmas break this year.

There will be 3 age groups:

• Group 1 ages 3 – 7
• Group 2 ages 8 – 10
• Group 3 ages 11+

Adult noon hour training 2022 & 2023: 8-week program. I will try to create several 8-week cycles for adult players. 8 weeks of fitness and skill development. Players will see immediate results both in fitness and hockey abilities.

2023 Summer Clinics: Back again will be our Defence and Checking Clinics. This part of the schedule will be set later.

Demand for private lessons and our programs are growing I provide a positive, confidence building tough love approach to all I do and I lead every group. You are paying for my leadership.
Contact me any time to talk hockey.

Coach Conroy www.conroyhockey.com 587-888-1097.