Dana And Chris Barresi

by Donald Valdez on Oct 17, 2018

Max was very nervous before he started the first class of the body checking clinic… but when I picked him up after the class…. he said “boy was that tough…. but I loved it, so much fun”

From the start of the first clinic he had with you to watching the body check clinic last evening at the rink, I saw a big improvement in his confidence out on the ice…. My goal of putting him in this clinic was to teach him how to take the hits and also give the hits properly so no one gets hurt. I don’t want Max to be known for the bully on the ice.

He has been playing since tyke, and I want to see him excel on the ice… he needs to have a few coaches who can be mentors for him too…. he really liked participating in all your clinics over the summer… and was super stoked you were leading these checking clinics prior to evals starting….

So thanks again, I will def be putting him in some of your clinics next summer one for sure being the checking camp again prior to him starting 2nd yr bantam.

“Coach Conroy and his team put the fun back into hockey. They make sure each child is playing to their full potential and having a blast doing it. The drills and coaching techniques are are very creative. Coach brings various homemade props each week to assist in building the children’s skills in all aspects of the game.

We will be returning customers! Thanks again”

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